Transform the character of our neighborhood from a former highway to a destination by creating an amenity rich pedestrian-friendly experience…

Shakespeare in the PARK(let)

Shakespeare in the Park(let)The Playhouse District Association sponsored the installation of Shakespeare in the PARK(let) on Friday, September 19 at 600 E. Colorado Blvd. in celebration of International PARK(ing) Day where citizens, artists and activists join together to call attention to the need for more urban open space.

Attendees from the Pasadena Playhouse, the Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association, the City of Pasadena, and from the general public came to read and hear Shakespearean sonnets while lounging in the parklet on Colorado Boulevard. Urth Caffe served complimentary iced tea while a calligrapher personalized bookmarks from Vroman’s Bookstore.

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A Necklace of Parklets Sets the Stage – Activating the Playhouse District Core

  • Sidewalks are extended into the street and parking spaces become small urban parks featuring seating areas, planters, and trees
  • People cluster, linger and stroll – and the District’s role as a cultural hub is enhanced with gardens, public art and performance space
  • Other parking stalls become shaded café spaces for outdoor dining

Traffic is Calmed, Parking Is Increased and Pedestrians Are Welcomed Along Colorado Blvd

  • On Colorado Blvd. between Hudson and Los Robles, remove one lane of traffic in each direction redirecting crosstown traffic along the Union and Green couplets
  • Traffic speeds are reduced – increasing pedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • A shift to angled parking increases available parking by up to 10 spaces per block (adding vitally needed capacity)

We’re Moving Carefully and Coordinating with Multiple Stakeholders to Ensure that Everyone’s Needs Are Addressed

  • We have emphasized a flexible approach that ensures we will not affect the operations of the Rose Parade
  • And we are working closely with the City of Pasadena to address impacts on traffic flows and public works

Creating an attractive destination and enhancing business vitality in Pasadena’s Playhouse District!

Questions? Want more information? Please email Greg Gunther or gro.t1508356948cirts1508356948idesu1508356948ohyal1508356948p@nai1508356948rb1508356948">Brian Wallace.