Investing in the Pasadena Playhouse District

Located in the heart of Downtown Pasadena, the Playhouse District serves as the crossroads of culture, commerce and community. The Playhouse District is home to some of Southern California’s leading employers in industries such as telecommunications, financial services, education, engineering, arts and culture, and one-of-a kind businesses. With over 45 restaurants, bars, and coffee shops within close proximity of museums, bookstores, and movie theatres, this vibrant, accessible community is an unparalleled place to work or do business. Utilize many of the resources below to help get your business off the ground.

Investing in Arts and Culture

A Guide to Investment

Considering an investment in the Playhouse District? To get you started, we’ve compiled information about residents and visitors, current businesses and the District’s vision (along with a map, key tenancies, demographic information and psychographic profile).


Pedestrian Counts Report

Heard of Colorado Boulevard but think we just have a parade? Learn more about the vibrant center of Pasadena with our annual statistics on pedestrian counts in the Playhouse District.

Pedestrian Intercept Survey

Pedestrian Intercept Survey

Want to find out who’s here on a regular basis? Check out our Pedestrian Intercept Survey report for a detailed breakdown of customers – including incomes, places of residence, preferences, spending habits and more.

Property Pulse

Want to dig deeper into recent developments, policies and transactions? View the latest issue of the PDA Property Pulse to stay current.

Available Sites Listing

Ready to find your new business home? We’ve compiled an up-to-date list of available retail sites in the Playhouse District to make your search a no-brainer. Read More